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How will Dalehead approach my project?

Before we start a project we will provide you with an estimate of the number of hours it will take to complete your project along with a detailed explanation of exactly what we will do. If you decide to add some more tasks along the way or change the scope of work, we’ll get your approval before proceeding. No one likes surprises, which is why we keep you in the loop every step of the way.

We can provide you with shopping lists and links (if you like to search for sales and purchase things online) or we can just handle the shopping for you. We never make a purchase without getting your approval on a Purchase Order. Seriously, its automated, until you sign off the system won’t even generate an invoice.

We want the final product to be beautiful and most importantly –-we want you to be happy.

What is staging and why is it important?

If you’ve heard about staging, you’ve probably heard the words: de-clutter, depersonalize, and neutralize.   While making a home spacious, clean and removing negative trigger points is important, an equally important part of staging is what is added back into the space.

The goal of successful staging is two fold. The first is to define the space. The second is to tell a story. Storytelling is one of the most effective marketing tools precisely for the emotional responses it engenders. We excel at telling compelling stories about homes that will engage potential buyers.

Is staging worth it?

Yes! consider these stats:

Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corporation: Staged homes are usually sold 6% above the asking price and spent less time in the market when compared to homes without staging.

National Association Realtors: a 1 – 3% investment on home staging yields 8 – 10% return.

Real Estate Staging Association: If you invest in home staging before listing you will sell 87% faster.

Why are compelling photos so important to selling real estate?

92% of homebuyers use the Internet as the first step in their home search process so listings can impact how quickly a home sells and if it sells at all. When the typical buyer looks at an online listing the first thing she does is look at the photo where she’ll spend an average of 20 seconds. In order to start the all-important process of creating a relationship between a buyer and a home, something needs to grab her attention immediately. A clean, orderly home is expected, what attract interest are the images that convey a lifestyle and inspire the buyers imagination. Great images get them thinking: ”Hmmm, I’d love to live a life like that…”

How do you tell stories through staging?

Our first step is to assess the homes defining features. Is the home located near the beach or on a golf course? Does it have historic significance or interesting architectural style? Is there a large yard, a beautiful fireplace or spacious rooms?

Once we’ve determined the features we want to highlight we build a narrative around those features through the use of aspirational vignettes.A vignette is an eye-pleasing visual composition (grouping of objects) that conveys the homes overall style, flavor and narrative. Examples would be: a close up of fresh cut greenery to hint at the expansive and verdant outdoor space, a stack of books near a lit fire to convey a home’s cozy atmosphere or a few well spaced articles of clothing hanging on matching hangers in a closet to highlight the abundance of storage space available in the home.

“The potential to create a connection between users and images is critical. Philosophers think about how an image creates reflections within the mind of the viewer — the image “talks” to the viewer and holds the eyes captive. And an image that can literally captivate an audience is, of course, the dream of the any real estate marketer seeking real “stickiness.”

Hans Engblom, Real Estate and Venture Capital Investor and Contributor to InMan, Real Estate News.

I have great taste and know how to de-clutter… can’t I just do this for my clients?

Of course you can, and you should. But that’s just the price of entry. With just seconds to grab the attention of a buyer the pictures need to tell a story and evoke emotion. Our expertise lies in understanding the intersection between design and the consumer mindset. Its not enough to create nice pictures, its not even enough to create beautiful pictures. We create captivating imagery that inspires consumers to buy.

“Visualizations reduce consumer insecurity— decisions are easier to make and more informed— and browsing a space digitally from your couch is also more sustainable than traveling to see it. Furthermore, lead generation is improved, and non-potential buyers do not need to take valuable agent time.”

Hans Engblom, Real Estate and Venture Capital Investor and Contributor to InMan, Real Estate News.

Why do your stress the importance of creating an “editorial look?”

The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing, it feels like story telling and builds an emotional connection. Editorial photography tells us a story. Think of National Geographic Magazine stories, the editorial picture style shows what words cannot communicate. That’s what our images and design do, they tell the story of the life a buyer could be living Keep in mind that 90% of consumer decisions are made subconsciously and you can see how crucial it is to project a compelling “look.”

Why should I convince my client to spend the money on your services?

The statistics show that using professional staging, photography and design services increase selling prices and decreases time on the market. You’re the expert in sales and you know how to market a home. Outsource the staging, photography and design to us so that you can focus on the selling. We will make your life easier, we promise.

How much does staging cost?

The national average for staging is to spend 1 to 3% of the asking price of the house on staging. According to Coldwell banker, staged homes sell 6% higher than un-staged homes so it’s usually worth the effort. Of course, each project will vary by the amount of work necessary to be done on the house and the client’s current furniture. If you purchase a consultation with us we will provide you with a detailed estimate of the costs so you can determine ahead of time if you’d like to pursue the project.


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