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How will Dalehead approach my project?

Before we start a project we will provide you with an estimate of the number of hours it will take to complete your project along with a detailed explanation of exactly what we will do. If you decide to add some more tasks along the way or change the scope of work, we’ll get your approval before proceeding. No one likes surprises, which is why we keep you in the loop every step of the way.

We can provide you with shopping lists and links (if you like to search for sales and purchase things online) or we can just handle the shopping for you. We never make a purchase without getting your approval on a Purchase Order. Seriously, its automated, until you sign off the system won’t even generate an invoice.

We want the final product to be beautiful and most importantly –-we want you to be happy.

“To say that Dalehead can help take the stress out of moving would be an understatement. I have hired them twice now, and the last time I was 7 months pregnant and really needed the help. Leading up to the move, Janene helped me review my new apartment layout and understand which pieces of my furniture would work well, and where I might need to fill space. On the day of each move she helped direct movers and the placement of furniture, which kept me from rearranging furniture a hundred times by myself. By the evening of my move, Janene had accessories laid out, artwork on walls and curtains up. Her uncanny ability to use my existing décor to make a new space feel like “home” so quickly is a true talent.

Beyond the talent, the Dalehead team is simply a pleasure to work with as they are organized, efficient and fun to be around.”

Jackie & Paul Jags // Atlanta, Georgia

What does the Move in service entail?

Our service can include anything you might need to plan your move and get you set up including the design of your new space. Not only can we handle the project management (coordinating with movers, painters and handy men) but we also handle the design of the new space. This can include determining the color scheme for the home and selecting paint colors, configuring existing furniture and accessories, developing floor plans, identifying new furniture and accessories needs and managing their purchase and delivery. Our services also include overseeing the move-in day and placement of furniture, rugs and lighting fixtures and hanging pictures.

How do you differ from other relocation, moving services or professional organizers?

The biggest difference is that we provide design services. With all of the big changes you might need some assistance deciding the color scheme for the new home and figuring out which furniture to keep and which to toss. We provide the guidance and take care of all of those details for you. While we excel at unpacking and organizing, we are happy to work with moving companies and their concierge services as well as fine arts moving companies.

“I used Dalehead when we moved into our house in Connecticut. After living in the city for years, it felt overwhelming to me to move into a house with much more space. Dalehead made the process seamless (and kept me sane in the process!) They coordinated movers, painters, electricians, vendors, etc. and oversaw the process from start to finish. Once we were moved in, they helped us unpack and organize. Not only are they extremely good at what they do, but the team is a joy to work with. What a great service!”

Sarah & Eric Thelan // Darien, CT

Can you organize my stuff?

Absolutely. We are amazing organizers and will develop a plan with you prior to the move to determine where you want things placed.

Can you call the cable company, find a pet sitter and let me know the best local restaurant for Thai food?

Yes, if there is a service you can think or some way we can make the whole process easier, just ask. We develop custom quotes for each project so we can address a wide array of your move-in needs.

“We recently built a new home and when we started our project, we immediately knew we needed to contact Dalehead from the get-go. From the very start, Dalehead was intricately involved with many of the design components, including selecting paint colors, fixture selections and furniture placement. Having their expertise has helped to eliminate an enormous amount of stress as a whole. I knew they could envision the overall look and aesthetic of the home with ease. Well, I couldn’t have been more right.

The team at Dalehead was present for our move into our home and they could not have made it easier for our family. From directing placement of furniture to unpacking boxes to hanging pictures and styling my cabinets….all on day 1!!!!! Having Dalehead onboard was invaluable, not only in the physical but in the mental sense. I would never consider another move (and we’ve done this a few times) without them!!”

Elizabeth & Chris Kuehn // Charlotte, NC

I don’t (or do) want to be there for the whole move. How will that work?

If you want to be involved, we’ll be with your every step of the way. If you prefer having a “big reveal” moment and just want to see the final product we can do that as well.

“Janene transformed our Long Island beach house into a comfortable, calming space so when we were faced with an apartment move, we hoped Janene would agree to work with us again in the city. Thankfully she agreed and as usual, got right down to business by visiting our apartment to be sure she had all of our measurements of our existing furniture. She listened to our needs and then went above and beyond to get the job done seamlessly.

Janene coordinated every step of our move. When I say every step, I mean it….we left for work one morning and came home the same day to a completely unpacked and gorgeously decorated apartment. It was literally magic. 

Because we value Janene’s opinion so much, we invited her come along to view apartments and she chose our new space…this saved us a lot of money in the long run because she chose a unit that would accommodate our existing furniture. She also took into account light exposure, kitchen functionality and other factors we wouldn’t have thought to consider.

Janene took care of every meticulous detail that would’ve ordinarily taken us many stressful weeks to sort out.

Janene chose our paint colors and gave specific instructions to the painters, making sure the work was done to perfection. She suggested movers who were cost effective and oversaw their work from packing to unpacking, she managed the handymen to mount the artwork, TV’s and mirrors, scheduled the cable company and worked with our building managers to make sure utilizes were handled. Every detail was so well thought out, for example….she made sure the rugs were put down immediately so that when the bed frame was delivered, it could be placed right on top. She also made sure the cable workers and TV installer were there at the same time to avoid wiring issues. 

On the day of the move, Janene brought in high quality soft goods and decorative items at very low prices – items that I would’ve forgotten such as shower liners & hooks, flowers, fluffy inserts to refresh pillow covers and of course, her own toolbox which came in handy multiple times. She has tricks for everything she does which made our home organized, comfortable and so visually appealing.

Working with Janene is such a luxury because she has so many talents: excellent taste, highly organized, smart, patient, articulate, resourceful, thoughtful and forward thinking….it genuinely feels like you’re working with a friend or family member because she always has your best interest at heart. I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else and genuinely am excited to move again because Janene spins what would typically be a stressful time into an exciting experience.” 

Christina & Atishay Chopra // Manhattan & Bellport, NY


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