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How will Dalehead approach my project?

Before we start a project we will provide you with an estimate of the number of hours it will take to complete your project along with a detailed explanation of exactly what we will do. If you decide to add some more tasks along the way or change the scope of work, we’ll get your approval before proceeding. No one likes surprises, which is why we keep you in the loop every step of the way.

We can provide you with shopping lists and links (if you like to search for sales and purchase things online) or we can just handle the shopping for you. We never make a purchase without getting your approval on a Purchase Order. Seriously, its automated, until you sign off the system won’t even generate an invoice.

We want the final product to be beautiful and most importantly –-we want you to be happy.

Why should I work with you?

Because we’re fabulous people of course!  Seriously, because we will make your life easier and deliver a beautiful space at the end. We value your time and your money and want to deliver the best product possible to you but also make it a stress-less experience that can even be fun.

What is your signature style?

We like a clean aesthetic, which basically means we’re of the mindset that less is more. We like to highlight space and make rooms feels as if they are both large and airy while still being inviting. In terms of “style” we work with a wide variety of clients who have varying styles from beach chic, to Mid-Century Modern, traditional and transitional to high-end glam. We find that the majority of our clients like a mix of styles and we guide you in making the styles work together seamlessly.

How long will my project take?

Each project will vary but we will sit down with you at the beginning of the project and determine the timeline based on what needs to get done paying special attention to important dates (like move-in-day). We specialize in speed and can often accomplish quite a bit in a condensed amount of time.

Is my budget realistic?

We provide detailed budgets of what our fees will be and can also provide estimates on costs of furnishing and accessories at the beginning of the project so you can see exactly what you can get for your budget and decide where to edit or cut back (or add on!)

What will I need to do?

Our favorite clients serve us wine. Just kidding. You need to be honest with us about what you like and don’t like. Also, our speed is contingent on your speed so the quicker you get back to us when we send you estimates or mood boards or purchase orders, the faster we can move the project along.


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