We help sell homes by staging for photo shoots and open houses, designing cohesive marketing collateral materials and realtor branding.  Our aesthetic is clean and editorial so that the images and the look do more than communicate the facts but also evoke emotion which is well documented to be a strong driver in consumer buying behavior especially when it comes to homes.

With just seconds to grab the attention of a buyer images need to tell a story and elicit feeling. Our expertise lies in understanding the intersection between art, design and the consumer mindset.  Its not enough to create nice pictures, its not even enough to create beautiful marketing materials.  What we do is create captivating imagery that inspires consumers to buy.

Realtors… why work with us?

Statistics show that using professional staging, photography and design services increase selling prices and decreases time on the market.  You’re the expert in sales and you know how to market a home.  Outsource the staging, photography and design to us so that you can focus on the selling.  We will make your life easier, we promise.

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Our Philosophy

We believe in the 3 C’s of design: Clean, Cohesive and Consistent Design

CLEAN: We like to keep it clean. Simple clean design makes it easy for people to gather information with a minimum of conscious effort, it leads to more engaged readers and is generally accepted as more attractive.

COHESIVE: Comprehension and retention rates jump 25% when text and pictures are used cohesively. Simply put, if you want your marketing materials or personal brand as a realtor to resonate, a consistent look and thread through all of your branding and collateral is essential to getting consumers to pay attention and understand you.

CONSISTENT: Consistent brands are approximately 20 percent more valuable than erratic brands. Consistent branding conveys what you stand for and your level of commitment. It helps differentiate yours from other brands and eliminates brand confusion. Finally it’s an investment you can build upon over time to establish equity.

Need an example…‘Just Do It’ …Nike has been using this slogan since 1987 and as a result went from capturing 18 %to 43% of the sports shoe market from 1988 to 1998. Compare that to Reebok, who changed their slogan 14 times within that same time period with comparatively lack luster results. Ask yourself…what’s in your closet and more importantly what message have you consistently been putting out there about your brand?

The team at Dalehead has an innate ability to make things beautiful! Whether they’re helping you rearrange and rediscover treasures in your home, or bringing in all new decor, they will instantly refresh your space no matter your budget or limitations. What’s more, they truly enjoy the process and will make the experience efficient and enjoyable for you too!

-Kristin VanderMass