Graceful Home Design

Serving the Long Island, NY Region

You’re busy… we get it! Perhaps you’re starting a room from scratch or maybe finishing one off.  With over twenty years of experience in project management and client service, our number one goal is to make the decorating or home staging process as painless as possible. To this end, we offer different options to suit your shopping style and budget.

So if you’re ready to create the perfect space that not only defines you but welcomes you home each day (or helps you sell your home) please see  design services, learn how we’ll work together,  or drop us a note .  You can also or call 646.479.6677 to set up an appointment. We look forward to making your home amazing.


“The team at Dalehead Designs has an innate ability to make things beautiful! Whether they’re helping you rearrange and rediscover  treasures in your home, or bringing in all new decor, they will instantly refresh your space no matter your budget or limitations. What’s more, they truly enjoy the process and will make the experience efficient and enjoyable for you too!” -Kristin VanderMass


Amazing room renovation ideas for one room in your home. I begin with a one to three hour consultation at your home where I will assess, suggest and discuss. I believe the search for raw materials; furniture and accessories, should begin in your own home before I recommend new purchases. So this package will emphasize working with what you already have as well as adding in new pieces.   For more information click here.