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Blue door welcome! Dalehead // specializing in home decorating, staging, and move-in services for the Long Island, New York Metro area

Dalehead provides interior decorating, home staging, move-in and a variety of other services that help you when you need style and efficiency.

Whether you need help staging a home to sell, setting up your new home to move in to or refreshing your existing space, you have a limited amount of time and you don’t want to waste it.

We get that! Ask our clients. We’re business-minded creatives who understand the value of your time. In fact, we always get back to you within 24 hours. We excel at turning projects around quickly while respecting your budget.

If you’re moving in a month and need to pick out a new color scheme, figure out which furniture to take with you, find some new pieces and have it all arranged on the day of the move…we can make that happen.

If you are trying to sell a home or flip several, we can help you set up the space with beautiful furnishings and accessories that will entice potential buyers.

If your home needs a pick-me-up we can redesign a new look, find your new furniture and even create custom artwork for the space.

Our Style

We create spaces that represent the lifestyles of the people who live in them.  While we bring our own sense of style to every project, we’re fascinated by texture and color and inspired by the objects and furnishings ours clients love. Our expertise is building beautiful spaces that are aspirational while still being comfortable and welcoming.

Realtors: Why work with us?

Statistics show that using professional staging, photography and design services increase selling prices and decreases time on the market. You’re the expert in sales and you know how to market a home. Outsource the staging, photography and design to us so that you can focus on the selling.

With just seconds to grab the attention of a buyer online, the images need to tell a story and elicit feeling. Our expertise lies in understanding the intersection between design and the consumer mindset. Its not enough to create nice pictures, its not even enough to create beautiful spaces. What we do is create captivating imagery that inspires consumers to buy.

We will make your life easier, we promise.

The team at Dalehead has an innate ability to make things beautiful! Whether they’re helping you rearrange and rediscover treasures in your home, or bringing in all new decor, they will instantly refresh your space no matter your budget or limitations. What’s more, they truly enjoy the process and will make the experience efficient and enjoyable for you too!

-Kristin VanderMass


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